Summer Jobs for Teens

Are you a teen looking for a summer job?  Odds are it will be extremely difficult to find one in your home town unless flipping burgers and asking “Would you like fries with that”? interests you.  The economy is not doing great and no one is getting hit harder than teenagers.  If you’re a high school or college student looking for a summer job, why not give Cashcrate a shot?  It’s completely free to join, easy to use and make money, you only work when you want, you work from home, the list goes on and on.  The best part of Cashcrate is the pay.  At a fast food joint or whatever other summer job you might get, you’re going to be making minimum wage.  If you’re lucky you might get $10 an hour.   Let’s think positively and say you are making $10 an hour.  Odds are you will only  be working 20 hours a week, so in a month, you’re looking at about $800.  Now with taxes, you probably only see $560 of that.  Now imagine you are making minimum wage.  Even if you’re working 20 hours a week, you’re only looking at about $400 a month.  That’s terrible.  You’re spending 80 hours a week in a crappy fast food restaurant doing work no one on earth enjoys doing.  At Cashcrate, you can easily make $400 a month without putting in 80 hours of work.  In fact, if you put in 80 hours a month at Cashcrate, you could easily make $800 a month.  Some members are even making $2000 a month.  Cashcrate is a great way to make around $10 an hour online, more if you are good at referring.  It's also a great part-time job if you already have one but just need some extra money, which is why so many stay-at-home moms love it.  Making money from home can be a hassle and there are so many scams out there it's hard to know who you can trust, but Cashcrate has been around for years and has become one of the best ways to make money online out there.  And remember it is 100% free.  There are no credit cards or hassles and checks are paid out every month!  Click here to check it out:

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