How to Make $10 Within an Hour of Joining Cashcrate!

So you’ve signed up for Cashcrate.  Now how do you make money?  I’m going to tell you how to make at least $10 within an hour of signing up.  You want have to spend any money and I assure you it will be very little work.  First off, just by joining you get $1, so you’re already 10% done.  Next, take two seconds to check in.  It’s only $.03 but hey, it’s free money.  Next, do the offer called “Nielsen Digital Voice”.  It’s worth $4 and is very easy to do.   Just fill out the form and download the program.   When Cashcrate credits you for completing the offer, uninstall the program.  Now you’re at $5.03 in a matter of minutes.  Next do the offer called “MySurvey” worth $1.  It’s super easy.  Just fill out the form and check your email for the confirmation link.  Once you’ve completed that, do the offer called “Reward TV” worth $1.  Again, fill out the form, check for a confirmation email, and you’re done.  If you want to increase your chances of getting it confirmed play three games.   They take about a minute a piece if you just randomly select answers.  Now you’re at $7.03.  You’re almost half way to a cash out in probably a half hour of your time.  The next offer you should do is “Harris Poll Online” worth $1.  After that do “Kraftmaid” worth $.75.  Then  do “$1500 Target Gift Card” worth $1.  To finish things off, do “Project Payday” for $.35.  Assuming you did the offers correctly, and I tried to put only simple offers, you should now have $10.13.  I’ll put the offers in order to make it a little more user friendly:
  1. Join Cashcrate here
  2. Check in
  3. "Nielsen Digital Voice"
  4. "MySurvey"
  5. "Reward TV"
  6. "Kraftmaid"
  7. "$1500 Target Gift Card"
  8. "Project Payday"

Eight simple steps and you now have $10.13 in your Cashcrate account! You are halfway to a cashout within an hour of joining!  Keep doing the highest rated offers and you’ll be at $20 in no time.  I highly recommend doing any offer that says “Join and confirm your email” or something like that.  Those are super easy to do and have a very good chance of going through.  Remember to use autofill and to clear your cookies after each offer.  Also, remember to check your email for confirmation links, which you have to click on to get credit for doing the offer.  Realize that sometimes it takes a little while for offers to go through, but if you did these correctly most should go through within a couple hours.  

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  1. I tried this out and it actually worked! I was kind of skeptical at first but this seems really easy. I joined a day ago and I already have $17. Thank you!