How to Complete Offers/Surveys

If you aren't sure how to complete offers and surveys, you should read this before starting because you just won't make any money unless you're doing them right.  Here is the best method for completing offers:
1.  Sign up with Cashcrate
2. Make a Gmail account only for survey sites and make a new one every week or so.  This is important because you will get hundreds of spam emails while doing offers and you don't want your personal email getting filled with spam.  Gmail is better than other email providers because there is a trick you can use while filling out offers.  If you put a period anywhere in your email address while doing an offer, the advertising site will not recognize your email and you'll have a better chance of getting offers approved.  For example, johnsmith, john.smith, john.s.mith will all be usable email addresses with Gmail.
3. Clear your cookies.  Do this by going to your control panel, network and internet, internet options.  This is very important and you should do this before and after every offer you do!
4. Watch the tutorial video at Cashcrate!  It has some good information for anyone just starting to do offers and surveys.
5. Autofill: This is essential to completing offers fast...which means you make more money per hour.  Use this link to help you set up autofill:
6. Use truthful information!!  I can't stress this enough.  If you use fake information, not only do you risk getting banned from the survey site, but your offers will not go through as high a percentage of the time as they could be.
If you follow these tips I guarantee that a decent percentage of your offers will go through.  If you still have problems check this out:

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