How Do Survey Sites Work?

It is impossible not to notice advertising.  Whether it's through commercials, billboards, word-of-mouth, advertising is all around us.  The Internet is no different.  Basically, get-paid-to sites are paid by advertisers to get their product out there to their users, aka you.  In order to make money on these sites, you have to fill out offers and surveys from advertisers through the survey site.  When the advertiser confirms that you completed the survey/offer, they pay the survey site, and the survey site pays you.  There are lots of legit survey sites out there and I highly recommend you stick to only a few.  There are so many offers and surveys on each site that you'll never be able to do them all, so focus on one or two sites and maximize your earnings on it.  Most of your earnings will come from getting referrals anyway so don't waste too much time doing offers and surveys.  But when you're just starting out, get a feel for how the survey sites work by starting from the ground up and doing offers and surveys.  I'll get into specifics on how to fill out these offers and surveys with the best chance of them going through later.  
The best survey site, in my opinion, is Cashcrate.  Check it out for yourself:

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