How Can I Make Money Online?

Have you ever wondered how you could make money online?  Despite popular belief that almost anything promising to make you money online is a scam, there are a few methods that are legit.  Understand that you are not going to get rich, but there are several ways to make extra money for bills, spending money, tuition, or whatever else you want.  The best thing about making money online is the ability to work when you want, and only when you want.  Even if you only have five minutes, that's all it takes to make money from home.  The first way, and the one I have the most experience with, is get-paid-to/survey sites (My favorite is Cashcrate).  You have to be careful when doing these because many are scams, but there are a few that will pay you and are 100% free to join and participate in.  These are a great way for stay-at-home moms, teens (most require that you are only 13 years or older), retirees, college students, and really anyone looking to make a little extra cash to do so.  
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